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PDC-Pole Dancing Community

Advancement & Accreditation Program (AAP)


Our instructor, April Hsiung has achieved PDC 3 Star Approved Instructor status, and is authorized to carry PDC's membership, Syllabus, as well as conducting in house grading. If you are interested in PDC's membership and certification, please contact us for any questions, or purchase the product from this page or on our site if you are ready. 


Undertaking a grading allows students to prove to their friends and family that pole dancing has evolved and there is more to fitness pole dancing than simply wiggling your bottom around a pole. 


Train with a PDC Approved instructor.  This ensures that you are recieving great instruction from a trusted source at a fair price.  We can also liase  between you if ever there are problems. 


We have called our grading system, the Advancement and Accreditation Program (or AAP for short).  

By combining the wisdom and experience of our 500+ member instructors, the AAP is recognised throughout the fitness pole dance industry and is already being used by pole dancers from all over the world who enjoy the challenge and recognition it provides.


Grading with the AAP provides unbiased, tangible feedback on your pole dancing progress and the book and certificates are great to show off to your friends!


Your 1st years AAP membership costs $62 with international shipping, and includes the cost of one FREE online grading, your AAP book (pole dancing passport), entry into the pole dancer's database on the PDC website, use of the AAP logos and discount to purchase the PDC Syllabus Book.













Please note the exchange rate may vary, and please allow time for your kit to arrive in our studio.


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