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Refer a Friend Private Group Demo Program-Free Classes For EVERYONE!

November 3, 2013 at 12:16p


There are many good reason to pole-be more fit, be stronger, feel there is another reason...Free Classes!


Let's Get Everyone On the Pole! 

To promote better understanding to the Art of Pole, BlackVelvetPoleFitness is offering a great referral program to encourage our members to introduce pole fitness to others. 


First of all, any of our existing members can get  their non member friends or family in to try one pole fitness with them at Demo Class Price of $20. 


After the Demo class, if the friend or family decides to sign up for class packages, both the existing member and the new member they referred, both party will receive 2 free classes credited to their account!


There is no limit to numbers of people one can refer or numbers of free classes one can receive.

















To spread the love of pole:


  1. Ask your friend to register for free member profile

  2. Bring a friend to class with  for $20

  3. Once your friend signed up for a package or membership, email us both of your names to receive free classes.






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