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Pole Art Level & Curriculum 


While some people are perfectly happy with going to classes and get a good workout, others have different sets of goals they would like to work towards...and Pole is not easy. 


Therefore, we offer Pole Art Level Certifications to recognize the hard work and encourage progression of the serious pole dancers.


Black Velvet offers 4 levels of certification, and upon completion of each level, the student shall receive a Level Certificate from Black Velvet Pole Dance Fitness Studio.


To complete each level, a student must perform 25 to 40 isolated movements required under such level in front a BV instructor, and successfully complete their dance recital, demonstrating their ability to express themselves through pole movements in sequence.


If you are interested in getting certified with Black Velvet, please contact us.


Our instructor has achieved PDC 3 Star Approved Instructor status, and is authorized to

sell PDC's membership, Syllabus, as well as conduct in house grading. If you are interested

in PDC's membership and certification, please go to PDC page.

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