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We offer a variety of classes from Introductory to advanced. Our dance classes are designed to work on your core strengh and therefore they are quite challenging. If you have never taken any pole class before, be sure to take the Introductory class first before you move on to other classes.  


We specilaize in small, intimate classes. All classes are limited to 10 students or less.

Every Student in our class gets their own pole.


Our all-women studios are dimly lit. Our environment is safe, clean, non-judgmental and empowering.  Just bring your naturally beautiful female form and come play!


Students should wear workout attire, and bring bottled water. To ensure a firm grip on the pole, please do not apply lotion on the day of class. A portion of the class includes stretches on a yoga mat. We have mats available for you, or you may bring your own if you prefer.



Class Description

Pre-registration required for all classes. To see the scheduled class time, go to Schedule.


To see our class pricing and special promotions, go to Price.


To see the level curriculum, please go to Pole Level.

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