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What should I wear to class?
  • We suggest that you wear tank tops or fitted tops with yoga or running shorts to class. Remember in pole dancing often we need our skin to contact the pole in order to hold us in place.

  • Pole dance heels are for exotic pole class. All other pole or aerial classes are bare footed. Please do not wear any street worn shoes or heels in class.

  • NO LOTIONS or OILS at least 8 hours prior to your first class. Or shower and remove them before class. They cause you to slip on the pole and will handicap your grip. We ask that you also remove all mental like earrings, watches, rings and bracelets.

  • For aerial classs, please wear legging.

What should I bring to class? Optional
  • Bring your own yoga mat, knee pads, pole shoes

  • Bring your smart phone if you would like to video your own progress at the end of the class.


What is the class structure? 

Please arrive 5 minutes early before class. You will need to register online, reserve a class,  and sign a liability waiver before your first class. If you have any physical limitations please let the instructor know before class.
Class will start with warm up, then continue to pole fitness.  Second half of the class we will continue to pole techiniques.


We have set up different levels of classes to fit your needs. Please see Pole Level. Once you have completed your pole move level requirement, and a recital, you will get a level certification from Black Velvet.


How many people are in a class?

We specialize in small, intimate classes, so all our classes are limited to max. of 10 student or less.


Do I share pole with other students?

Every student gets a pole in class, you do not share pole with anyone.  Exceptions to this is when it's a pole party or other type of special events such as bring your friend day in which you may bring your loved ones to try pole with you.


Is there an age limit? 

Group classes are made for adult of 18 and over. Private lessons and pole parties is for any age group.


What if I haven't worked out for a while?

That's quite alright...pole dancing is like any other type of progression sport, it takes endurance, training, and self-discipline over a long period of time.

If you haven't worked out for a while, feel free to stay in the introductory classes until you are absolutely ready!

Will I need to take off my clothes?

Absolutely not. We are NOT A STRIP CLUB! We teach pole dance fitness and how to use the pole to dance and express ourselves in art forms. Nudity is not allowed under any circumstances. 

Is the pole safe?

Our poles are both stationary and spinning, they are custom made of the highest quality in USA, and are permanently mounted in the studio.


Your safey is our number one concern. As long as you comply with our safey rules, and instruction of the teachers,  and the weight limit of 300 lbs, your pole classes will be a safe and fun experience. However, we would like to remind you that, pole dancing, like any other sport, there are always risks of physical injuries that may occur. 


How can I buy a pole for my home?

We sell removable (no screws needed) or permanent (screwed into ceiling and floor) spinning/stationary poles for home use. Message us or email us, we will tell you more about poles and order the pole for you.


Is pictures allowed?

Pictures and videos are permitted and encouraged in classes, but we kindly ask that you be mindful of other student’s privacy when snapping pictures. Now tag us on facebook!

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